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TS Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of kinesiology tape since 2007 and is located in South Korea. We have our own factory, production lines and packing lines, and all materials we use are from Korea. We have ISO13485, ISO9001, CE, FDA, FDA certification. Our laboratory continues research and development to produce better products.


As a company leading the world one step ahead of others, we, TS Co., Ltd. welcome your visit to our website.

Since its inception in 2012, TS Co., Ltd. has continued to grow following the changing trends of the times and making efforts to maintain a better service and a healthy life for customers.
Our own manufacturing plant and excellent research team are concentrating on customized development up to the climate and skin of each individual and country, and through experience so far, it is in the limelight not only in Korea but also abroad as a quality product.
Under the motto of 'At least TS products are trustworthy', we are working hard to become the best company that customers can trust. So please keep an eye on us with interest. Thank you.

Brand Story

Awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower on the 52nd Trade Day.

The Trade Day Award is an event hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea International Trade Association. It is an award ceremony in which the government awards prizes and export towers to those who have contributed to the expansion and qualitative advancement of exports and the development of overseas markets.

Exported to a total of 32 countries, mainly to Europe.

TS Export Countries: USA, Poland, Germany, Japan, Italy, UK, Denmark, Australia, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina, Czech Republic, Paraguay, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Finland, France, Romania, Singapore , Iran, Egypt, Sweden, Thailand, India, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia

We pursue quality and safety as the top priority.

We are operating the production line and factory that have obtained “quasi-drug manufacturing permit” from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).

Fast and reliable product manufacturing.

We have machinery and equipment optimized for the manufacturing process and specialized production systems, enabling fast and stable manufacturing. We are developing OEM business through strategic alliances with numerous companies, and we produce and provide high-quality products.

Domestic and overseas sales volume (In terms of rolls)

exporting countries



About Us

We operate a factory specializing in tapes with machinery and facilities that meet all national safety standards such as MFDS and FDA. Strict hygiene and safety management is carried out in all production stages and processes, and high-quality products are produced through a high-level operation management system.


  • 2007. Established 3NS Co., Ltd. (CEO: Park Jong-suk)
  • 2008. Established a quasi-drug factory in the Hakwoon Industrial Complex in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, and acquired a manufacturing plant permit
  • 2008. ISO9001, CE, MFDS, FDA approved
  • 2009. Exported to 10 countries including Japan, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the USA
  • 2012. Exported to more than 25 countries including Japan, Germany, USA and Poland
  • 2014. Exported to more than 32 countries including Japan, Germany, South Africa and New Zealand
  • 2015. Expansion and transfer of factory to Hakwoon 4 business complex in Gimpo
  • 2015. Awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower on the 52nd Trade Day
  • 2016. Expansion of a factory with production facilities
  • 2018. Vitalization of Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern markets
  • 2019. Acquired Ministry of Employment and Labor Small Giant Enterprise Certification
  • 2019. Selected as a promising small and medium business in Gyeonggi-do
  • 2019. Selected as a promising export small and medium enterprise by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • 2022. Opened TS shopping mall / brand site
  • 2023. New Product Launch: Hydrogel Sports Eye Patch
  • 2023. New Product Launch: 'Corong Corong' Mouth Tape
  • 2023. Patent Application: 'AT Tape' for Reinforcing Joint Ligament
  • 2023. Government Supplies Selection : Proceed with Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
  • 2024. New Product Launch: Bowling Tape
  • 2024. Government Supplies Selection : Proceed with Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency

Production process

In order to prevent external interference and confusion in all stages from the warehousing of raw materials to the shipment of finished products, we have developed our own system for our plant that directly operates all processes. All systems have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, and have been operating with high reliability.

1. Adhesive application (lamination process)

After applying the agitated adhesive to the release paper, it is laminated with the cloth fabric

  • 1st. Agitated adhesive applied to release paper
  • 2nd. Vaporization of unnecessary components through the 20m drying line
  • 3rd. Lamination of release paper and fabric

2. Slitting

Through the cutting process with a certain width, the fabric is cut according to the desired size such as 2.5CM / 3.75CM / 5CM / 7.5CM

  • Cutting of semi-finished products produced in the laminating process
  • Air knife cutting
  • Cutting-finished jumbo rolls

3. Parcel off

Length cutting and basic packaging work process before packaging products in the state of fabric by sales unit

  • Jumbo roll winding
  • Cut and roll to desired length
  • Attach tape core and finishing sticker

4. Individual packaging

Individual packaging for shipment

  • Shrink plastic packing
  • Inspection and individual packaging
  • Warehouse storage

OEM production process

We have machinery facilities and specialized production systems optimized for the manufacturing process to maximize productivity and efficiency, enabling fast and stable product manufacturing. We are developing the OEM business through strategic alliances, and deploying our own R&D team to produce and supply high-quality products.

1. Selection of tape composition, color, pattern, etc.

  • Selection of fabric design, release paper color, etc. according to tape components, color and pattern, and purpose of use of the tape

2. Selection of package type

  • vinyl pouch (header bag), paper package, plastic cylinder type, vacuum forming, etc.

3. Design discussion

  • fabric pattern, release paper (paper), package design work

4. Confirmation of final design

  • Confirmation of completed package design (small/medium/large)

5. Tape production

  • Production of finished tape products with completed packages

6. Transportation

  • Delivery to customer

Patent certification

We have certificate of export tower award, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA, CE, design registration certificate, company annex research institute certificate, quasi-drug manufacturing report, etc.

  • FDA
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • CE
  • Strong Small Business Confirmation
  • No. 1 in Quality Satisfaction Index and Technology
  • Certificate of Management Innovation Small and Medium Business
  • Certificate of Export Tower Award
  • Company-affiliated research institute certificate
  • Item permit
  • Factory registration certificate
  • Quasi-drug manufacturing certificate
  • Design registration certificate

Product  Introduction

Sports tape

This is the most basic form of sports tape, and is produced in a wide range of widths of 2.5 to 10 cm and lengths of 3 to 32 m. Custom production in various sizes is possible if necessary.

Rayon tape

Rayon tape has a thin fabric, so it has good air permeability. In addition, it is a product made with better elasticity of the fabric, so you can feel a soft feeling when using it.

Design (printing) tape

In addition to the functionality of the product, colors and images can be printed as the buyers like so that users can basically express their individuality and beautiful products.

Pre-cut tape

It has the advantage that anyone can attach it quickly and easily, and is currently a widely used type in the overseas market. As taping becomes popular, its types are also diversifying.

Tapes containing active ingredients

Various ingredients beneficial to the human body such as various herbs, natural minerals and functional additives can be added, and various functional sports tapes can be produced.

Sports Goods

We provide a variety of goods used during exercise and designed to be used by anyone with an emphasis on functionality and sophistication.


TS Company story (KOR)

TS Company story (EN)


3NS Tape


It helps normal muscle activity and the flow of blood and lymph. It also relieves pain and normalizes the torsion of joints.

  • All
  • Head
  • Jaw
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arm
  • Hands
  • Waist
  • Knee
  • Calf
  • Ankle
  • Soles


When you have a migraine


When you have jaw pain


When you have neck pain


When your shoulders are stiff


Pain when extending the arm


When your hands are swollen or in pain


When you have back pain


Degenerative Arthritis


When the calf gets cramps


When the inside of the ankle is sprained


When the soles of the feet are painful and swollen

Taping  effect

It improves the root cause of pain, protects and strengthens muscles and joints, promotes muscle recovery and relieves pain at the same time.

Makes normal muscle activity.

Prevent twisting of joints.

It facilitates the flow of blood and lymph.

Prevent injuries.

Social  Activities

We are taking the lead in social contribution through various domestic and international activities and support projects.

Sponsorship for KCBL Celebrity Basketball Tournament

We sponsored sports tapes for KCBL Celebrity Basketball Tournament players

Sponsorship agreement with Gangwon FC

Business agreement ceremony held with Gangwon FC at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon

Sponsorship for Seodang Elementary School Baseball Club

We donated taping products worth 5 million won to the baseball team of Seodang Elementary School in Bundang


Frequently asked questions are summarized.

  • The attachment method is different for each part, and basically, when attaching the tape, it is correct to attach it without stretching the tape while the muscles are stretched and relaxed. After attaching, press gently to adhere well to the skin. It is normal for the tape to wrinkle when the muscle is back into place.

    Please refer to the taping method.

  • If you are careless when removing the tape, you may injure your skin. When peeling the tape off the skin, peel slowly along the direction of hair growth and avoid pulling on the tape as much as possible. Carefully remove the tape by pressing the skin on the opposite side of the tape peeling direction, and peel it off with the idea of peeling the skin off the tape rather than peeling off the tape from the skin. You can take it off a little more easily if you take it off while taking a shower after exercising.

  • It is possible to attach tape and take a simple shower. However, it may cause itching when entering a hot bath/sauna or showering with hot water. You can use it continuously if you dry the wet tape completely after taking a shower, but if possible, it is recommended to attach a new tape after resting your skin.

  • The tape is not treated with chemicals. When tape is taped, the adhesive surface of the tape lifts the skin to facilitate the flow of blood and lymph fluid and reduces pain by supporting ligaments that connect bones and muscles. It doesn't just give the feeling of pain relief due to the addition of medicines like the ‘pain relief patch’.

  • Taping is the principle that the adhesive surface of the tape lifts the skin and facilitates the circulation of blood, lymph and various nervous system substances, thereby quickly relieving inflammation, reducing pain, and promoting muscle recovery, helping the body to heal itself. In addition, it gives a sense of stability to the movement by holding muscles, ligaments and joints, and helps prevent injuries, and enables powerful play during various sports.

  • After applying the tape, it can be maintained for 3 to 4 days if you do not exercise vigorously, but it is recommended to use it for 1 to 2 days for clean use and skin rest.

  • Itching may occur if you are careless when removing the tape, or if it is continuously attached to dry or weakened skin for a long time or after sweaty exercise without resting on the skin. In addition, it is a symptom that can appear even if the skin is sensitive, and in severe cases, rashes and blisters may occur in rare cases. It is recommended to take a skin break for about 3 days.


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OEM / ODM is available. Certified ISO13485, ISO9001, CE, FDA, and KFDA.

TS Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of kinesiology tape since 2007 and is located in South Korea. We have our own manufacturing plant with production line and packing line, and excellent research team. If you have any questions about bulk orders, OEMs, product development, etc., please leave a comment here. The person in charge will contact you soon.

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